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The best natural childbirth

  • How to recognize when to go to the maternity hospital without being too early or too late?
  • Sure signs of the beginning of the birth?
  • What are real and what are false labors?
  • What to do when your water bursts and there is no labor?
  • What actions does the baby have to do during the birth?

The first DVD guides you safely with knowledge, according to natural childbirth, which should be done with the utmost responsibility, not painful, because painful childbirth is a product of civilization and today's hectic flow of life. The film shows you how a baby feels psycho-physically during birth and immediately after birth, what actions should it do to be born. Check it out, it's not easy for a baby at all.

It follows how and in what way you can provide the best and easiest help to the little baby and yourself to make the birth gentle and natural. It should be given more time for moms and babies to be born easier. We filmed it and completely explained in detail how and why this is important. We showed which actions a midwife should do during childbirth. The compliance that must be shown to rule during childbirth between the baby, the mother, and the midwife.

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